revolutionary road trip

revolutionary road trip


In 1776, 56 men, from land-owning gentry to former indentured servants, defied what was then the greatest military power on the planet. Some considered them brave. Others, traitors. And not a few thought they were out of their minds. But who were they, really?

In conjunction with the publication of “Signing Their Lives Away,” a book about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the authors are traveling in the footsteps of these revolutionaries. The result: a documentary feature and a 13-part film series that examines not only their legacy, but the state of the American Dream and our own ideas about independence.

In 2009, the stories of the signers become ours, their history our present, their trials our triumphs. We think they are worth knowing.

56 men
13 colonies
one open road

in search of america

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